Business Value Enhancement

You hope to embark on a single or series of strategic transactions, now or someday –
but you lack the strategy, your business is not prepared or its value isn’t quite where you would like it to be.

In the Investment Banking sector, a strategic transaction is broadly defined as a transaction resulting in a material change in the ownership and/or capital structure of a business such as an acquisition, a management buyout, a recapitalization, a merger or a partial or full liquidity event (sale). The strategic transactions that achieve optimal outcomes are always preceded by the development and execution of strategic initiatives which properly prepare the business and the people involved in these events.

Maybe you intend to grow by acquisition, but where does this fit into the big picture, your strategic plan and does your company even have a strategic plan? Maybe your business lacks the management talent, infrastructure or strategy necessary to properly integrate acquisitions.

Maybe you hope to have a liquidity event someday but your business value is either unknown or if known, not where you would like it to be.

Or, maybe you just want to operate more profitably and with less ownership and management fatigue. Pursant can help.

Our Business Value Enhancement team of experts are adept at analyzing all aspects of a business, identifying strategic and tactical issues and then building customized solutions and roadmaps designed to improve stability, productivity, profitability and ultimately, enterprise value. Whether your goal is to set your business up for long term acquisitive growth, attain maximum value in a sale or just have a healthier company, it is critical to engage the right partner and start planning now. Having the right people and the right strategy can make the difference between nominal improvement and a fundamental shift in the value of your company.

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