Interim Talent Placement

Pursant’s interim talent placement services entail either placing a Pursant executive or sourcing and placing external experienced executives from our vast network in short-term, temporary assignments. There are many reasons companies may leverage interim talent, including to:

  • Fill a temporary vacancy (promotion, maternity leave or other leave of absence)
  • Bridge a gap while a permanent hire is sought
  • Acquire specialized skill sets for key initiatives
  • Expand a functional area

Interim leaders have experience helping organizations in high growth mode succeed and navigate strategic transactions.

Pursant interim executives are hands on managers that operate as an extension of your team. We are flexible, innovative and tailor our focus to meet your needs, whether strategic or detail work; whether as the lead executive or part of a work group. We leverage best practices to establish processes, and teach and train existing team members, as needed, facilitating an efficient transition at the end of an engagement or upon the selection of a permanent hire.

Interim CFO Placement

Pursant is most frequently tapped to help clients source an Interim CFO or Controller. Even financial or accounting teams that are well qualified to meet day-to-day demands may struggle with the strategic financial needs of organizations. An Interim CFO can help companies in a variety of ways as they evolve:

  • Establish the processes and rigor needed to measure success and track key indicators that are important when initiating a strategic transaction.
  • Provide strategic support for organizations that already have good controls, process, systems and reporting, when facing events such as M&A transactions or recapitalization.
  • Help companies that completed an acquisition or change in control transaction execute new, non-routine activities related to post-closing settlements, earn-out calculations, purchase price allocations, financial reporting and system integrations.
  • Guide organizations that have shifted business model or capital structure to adjust processes and forecasting practices and establish new reporting requirements. Pursant provides the expertise to guide your team through transactional events and strategic shifts efficiently while minimizing the disruption to the existing team’s day-to-day responsibilities. Our success stems from years of combined experiences as operators, private equity investors, financial statement auditors and pre-acquisition due diligence advisors.