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May 23-25, 2017 – New York, New York

Mark Herbick will be featured as an expert M&A resource at a private merger, acquisition and strategic transactions seminar hosted by the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). The seminar is designed for middle market business owners who:

  • Are business leaders who are beginning to think about pursuing liquidity through a sale or financing, or growing their business through acquisitions.
  • Want to understand how strategic and financial buyers value businesses, and learn how to increase the value of their businesses in the eyes of buyers.
  • Seek to understand the normal process steps and best practices in selling or buying a company.
  • Would like knowledge on how to use capital markets to finance certain types of deals, and how to determine when debt or equity is the better option.


Pursant will sponsor three thought leadership speaking events in NY, CA, and IL. We’ve received wonderful feedback from our inaugural Wine Event, held at in Scottsdale, CA. We determined the increased demand for this has energized our desire to provide thought leadership in a relaxed, face-to-face environment to learn and lead these sessions.

Interested in having Pursant, LLC speak at your next conference, seminar, or special event? Please contact our Marketing Director, Dawn at and she will be happy to provide assistance.


1. January 26-28, 2017, Cancun, Mexico
2017 BSCAI CEO Seminar

Topic: State of the Industry
Presented by: Mark Herbick, CEO, Pursant, LLC.

Mark provided insight to a prestigious group of Chief Executive Officers in the janitorial sector on the current State of the Industry in relation to M&A and strategic transactions as it pertains to the middle market.

2. October 27-29, 2016, Chicago, IL
BSCAI Annual Convention

Topic: The Roadmap to Buying and Integrating a Business
Presented by: Mark Herbick, CEO, Pursant, LLC.

This workshop is not only perfect for acquisitive business owners, but also those that eventually want to sell and want to know what to expect. We will walk through the process of preparing your business for the buy, sourcing acquisition targets, doing the deal and finally, increasing the chances of seeing your ROI through a carefully crafted integration strategy.

3. May 19-21, 2016, Clearwater, FL
BSCAI Executive Management Conference

4. February 29, 2016, DeKalb, IL
Northern Illinois University (NIU)

Entrepreneurship and Investment Banking – Guest Speaker
Presented by: Mark Herbick, CEO, Pursant, LLC.

Mark Herbick was a guest lecturer at Northern Illinois University’s (NIU) Entrepreneurship class. Mark provided valuable insight to the students as he walked through his professional journey of buying, building, and selling businesses of his own from the time he was nineteen years old until 2009 when he founded Pursant. He shared how his past experience being in the seat of the business owner enables him to identify with the emotional challenges business owners face while going through similar strategic transactions.

5. February 2, 2016, Tuczon, AZ
2016 PSDA CEO Summit
Optimizing Your Business for Profit and Value

Presented by: Mark Herbick, CEO, Pursant, LLC.

Whether your goal is to attain maximum value in a sale or just have a more profitable business and less ownership stress, this session helped craft a plan that fundamentally achieved all of these outcomes. The session circulated a confidential survey about your business. The results from this survey allowed the participant to personalize the learnings from the group session content, helping to acquire the most valuable take-aways possible to the attendees’ unique business profile.

6. January 27, 2016, Charlotte, NC
National Pavement EXPO 2016
The “Good,” “Bad” & “Ugly” of Buying and Selling a Business: Learning by Example

Presented by: Mark Herbick, CEO, Pursant, LLC.

You have grown a successful pavement maintenance business – and now you are ready to monetize its value and exit the business. Selling a business is completely different from running one; selling requires following a disciplined process and patience to maximize the chances of reaping the full benefit of years of hard work. In this session, a veteran of mergers and acquisitions in the pavement maintenance industry and others used real transaction examples to introduce the participants to the “phases of the deal cycle” that virtually every strategic transaction goes through. Attendees learned – through a series of case studies – how to prepare for each phase, what can go wrong at each phase, and what can be done in advance and along the way to assure a successful outcome. Most business owners sell their business at some point in time; this session helped prepare for that process by learning from the successes and failures of others.

7. January 14-16, 2016, Kauai, HI
State of Mergers & Acquisitions in the Lower Middle Market

2015 looks to have been the best year for mergers and acquisitions since 2007. Abundant, cheap capital, limited organic growth options and a decent US economy drove strong deal volume and valuation multiples. These favorable conditions have peaked. What’s in store for 2016? How will the current geopolitical and economic climate affect 2016 M&A? What will the Fed do to lending rates and how will this affect 2016 M&A? How will current M&A volume and valuations change in 2016?

During this presentation, Mark Herbick, Founder & CEO of Pursant, LLC provided insight needed to plan acquisition, exit, recapitalization or growth financing strategies for 2016.

8. December 8, 2015, Minneapolis, MN
YPO-WPO Deal Talk – Needs and Leads Deal Roundtable Discussion

Mark Herbick moderated a strategic transaction roundtable discussion for CEOs & Presidents in attendance.

9. October 29, 2015, Schaumburg, Il
YPO-WPO Deal Makers Tradeshow and Summit

Mark Herbick moderated a strategic transaction roundtable discussion for CEOs & Presidents in attendance.

10. October 23, 2015, Las Vegas, NV
BSCAI Annual Convention
BSC Merger & Acquisition Panel Discussion

Presented by: Mark Herbick, CEO, Pursant, LLC.

A panel of janitorial company buyers and/or sellers BSCs shared the details of their transaction process along with the high points and low points of their respective deals. Panelists included BSCs that have all done multiple transactions. These transactions ranged from the very small but accretive tuck-in-size to the very large platform size.

During the session, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and learn from this panel of successful serial dealmakers. Whether as a buyer, seller or both, the vast majority of business owners will be involved in strategic transaction at some point in their career. Attendees heard from your peers on how they navigate through the challenges and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Learn more about Pursant and BSCAI partnership.